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The workshop of Laurent Merchant

It's a large stone house in the forest of Dordogne built in 1904, in a style that was certainly modern at the time. The first owners would have been surprised to learn that a hundred years later their two large main rooms had become the workshop of a potter.

After many years in California, Laurent Merchant returned to Chabrouillas where he'd spent parts of his childhood. He established his workshop in the early 90's and has lived and worked here ever since.

Over the last few years production in the workshop has progressed towards a more well defined line of delicately thrown, glazed white stoneware and porcelain tableware, gas fired at 2400° F. (1300° C.)

The conception and evolution of the singing bowls is the result of a long and faithful passion for throwing and the confluent of two major sources of inspiration, ceramics and music.

The growing success of the amazing "le Steamer" and the useful pottery collection, is stimulating and time consuming. The search for collaboration and investment to develop these products independently of the workshop's other activities is an important project for 2015.

The production of Terres de Chabrouillas is sold on local weekly markets from March to October. We also sell on shows and other events (mostly in the south-west of France), at the workshop or right here on the website! More frequent events are planned in Paris.

All of this leaves little time for sculpture and glaze research, not to mention music or website updating!

Visit the retrospective for a glimpse of some phases and periods in Laurent Merchant's long career.

The workshop and showroom are open all year round by appointment. To find us visit this page.

To make an appointment or for any questions or comments, contact the potter by e-mail.

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