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Useful Pots

Pottery made to be used! Useful Pottery

"What's it for?"

That must be the question potters are asked most often!

Clay objects have been made throughout the centuries for specific culinary purposes and used at the table and in the preparation of meals.

The function of some of these utensils is forgotten today. When we run across one in an antique store or an old house, We often have difficulty imagining it's former use.

Here is a selection of pieces inspired by tradition that will be useful in your kitchen today. Hand made in France, you will find them practical and pleasant for daily use.

Not so mysterious...

the oil bottle: Keep your delicate oils handy while protecting them from light and air. May be used for serving a light vinaigrette salad dressing or for vinegar, soy sauce... etc. Stainless steel pouring spout included.

the jam funel: For avoiding overflow while filling your jam-jars! Also used for tomato sauce, apple sauce or filling canisters with rice, sugar, flour.

the nesting bowls: 3 kitchen bowls one inside the other. for mixing omelettes, pancake batter, mayonnaise... Space saving and decorative

the oven casserolle: ...with lid. Made of "fireclay" particularly resistant to thermal shock. Perfect for casserolles, terrines, and many other oven-cooked recipes.

the heart dish: Fire clay heart shaped oven and serving dish. May be used as a cake mold. Perfect for St. Valentine's day!

red mixing bowl set

blue mixing bowl set

fireclay casserolle

fireclay heart dish

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