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"le Steamer"

text: The ceramic steam cooker. ceramic steam cooker_le Steamer_www.ceramics-in-france.comFree shipping and handling within France!

Indirect steam,
a way of cooking that
respects your food

Steam is the most effective way for heat to penetrate to the center of your foods and cook them at low temperature, around 100░C (210░F) thereby preserving flavors and nutrients.

le Steamer always goes on top of a saucepan! When the water boils in the saucepan the steam shoots up through the central chimney and fills the cooking chamber.

le Steamer is perfect for cooking all your plain vegetables (preferably organic!) just like in a standard steamer but more than that, full recepies can be prepared.

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Naturally for organic vegetables
but also much more!

There are no holes in the bottom of the pot, that's precisely what's exceptional with this type of steam cooker. You don't loose the juices, possibly the best part; pure distilled water containing the flavors and nutrients extracted by the steam, all of which is lost in a traditional steamer. Add seasonings, herbs and spices, mix whatever ingredients you like, do some real cooking! Vegetables, grains, fish, chicken even fruit. Cook things together or separately, make full meals! Prepare dozens of healthy and flavorful recipes, preserving all the nutritional value of your foods.

text: le Steamer always sits on top of a saucepan!

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