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Sizes and Colors

Choose your steamer!

Size is a very relative notion. The size of a steamer, like that of other vessels used for food, is proportional to the size and appetite of the eater. however here are a few precise indications in a very imprecise world.


3.5 pts. 1.8 L

2 to 3 persons

7" saucepan


5 pts. 2.3 L

3 to 4 persons

8" saucepan


7 pts. 3.5 L

4 to 5 persons

9" saucepan

The glazes used are composed of natural mineral raw materials (such as silica, chalk, talc, iron oxide...) the glazes are vitrified in a potter's kiln at 2400░ F. (1310 C.) they contain absolutely no lead and are completely food safe.

A question of taste.

Iron red: A classic of high fire stoneware, used throughout East-Asia for centuries. A high concentration of iron oxide results in the warm reddish color. The surface is glossy with black specks and metallic highlights.

Cobalt blue: A deep Indigo blue. Cobalt oxide by itself gives a blue that is too intense. A pinch of manganese, a pinch and a half of nickel and the color warms up a bit. then just a tad of chrome for the exotic touch ! If you want to add a bit of garlic that's up to you... sorry that's on the recipe page. :-D

Satin white: This glaze can be a bit unpredictable, despite it's name, it can be shinny white or tend towards a very light gray or green, sometimes almost a celadon depending on the firing, the position in the kiln, the phases of the moon and other mysterious variables. A beautiful glaze in all it's variants.

Triple glaze : This fun combination is achieved with by overlaying only two different glazes (despite it's name!). when the satin white glaze is applied over the iron red glaze a third glaze results: the blue-green band in the middle who's hue can varie from one firing to another.

Pinto: Using brushwork, wax and the same two glazes as the triple glaze; Pinto is like a musical improvisation, unique for each piece. Here again the firings contribute their own variations.

Iron redrouge de fer

Cobalt bluebleu de cobalt

Satin whiteblanc de talc



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