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Singing Bowls

The Earth turns... all things turn. Fundamentally. Resonance is our closest link to reality, the shortest way to some kind of meaning, some proof of our existence. And so the Earth turns and the clay sings! Cups and crucibles like bells, sonorous and black, turned and trimmed, each one seeking to combine the vibrations of sound and light.

Sympathetic Resonance.

Each bowl is thrown on the intuition and experience of the potter with no mold or jigger. A bowl does not sing before it is fired, the note can't be tested or adjusted.
After the second firing, when nothing more can be changed, the first note is played. The complex voice of each singing bowl is then evaluated and only the best selected . Some do not make the grade and remain simply beautiful... vessels.

bowl singing, sky
group of singing bowls

Clay sings!

bowl singing, tree

Singing bowls are not sold on line.

Each singing bowl is unique in it's shape and sound. A bowl is chosen by it's resonance, by the way it vibrates in the hand and the body. when the harmonics of the bowl are in tune to those of the bowl-ringer, the link is established.
Maybe it's the bowl that chooses the person, who knows? In any case it's something that can't be done in the virtual world.
So come and choose your bowl personally, take an hour or two, we'll fix you a cup of tea and you can take your time finding the special bowl that resonates whithin you.

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