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Table and Home

A deeper satisfaction

The perfection and cleverness of industrially made objects is often attractive, but their mass-produced superficiality may leave us disatisfied and searching for something deeper.

As technology invades our lives and culture becomes ever more dematerialized, It is crucial that we maintain our connection with material artifacts that express our whole and imperfect humanness.

One of the simplest, most accessible of pleasures is using functional, hand-made pottery in daily life. These material objects that enhance function with beauty and thus satisfy the soul.

covered jar, ceramics by Laurent Merchant

One of a Kind

Allora Ceramics
is back on "Etsy"!

cup and saucer, ceramics by Laurent Merchant

Table and Tea

teapots, ceramics by Laurent Merchant

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Everything made by the human hand contains something of the soul of the one who made it. When we suround ourselves with things we've chosen because they resontate whithin us, our daily lives are enriched.

As we are nourished by the foods we eat, the books we read, our conversations our relationships, our loves and friendships; we are nourished also by the environment we create in our homes, by our choice of the objects we use in the ritual of daily living.

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